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5 reasons why Online Dating is not working for you!

Sometimes you may feel that online chatting and dating is better than bars and friends introducing people, etc. You surf the internet, landing on a good online dating website. You send out hundreds of messages while getting only few replies. You get frustrated and stressed!

Well don’t get frustrated, here are few reasons to tell why Online Dating is not working for you!

#1. Because the online dating sites is all about role playing.

Some of them may be serious but most of them are only to play their role. Many of them is for just passing the time. You cannot recognize different people and would be just wasting your time.

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#2. Because you are too picky.

You need to lower your standards and expectations and start dating in reality. If you are not loyal with yourself, then you will choose those which don’t care for you. Choose those who really understand you. Don’t be too picky!

#3. Opposites attract.

Even opposite zodiac signs attract each other. Many online dating sites matches you with commonalities. So there may be less attractiveness on dating sites. These kind of boring relationship won’t last for long time

#4. Your strategies

Sending out 100 and getting none back, just means you need to change what you are sending out. And send out more. Try different strategies and see what works for you.

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#5. Go out and look around.

You never know what you are really looking at when you date online. If it’s not working for you anyways, just leave your gadget and look around. Maybe the right one is waiting for you outside. There’s nothing better than Love at first sight but it can break you if you’re not ready and confident enough to follow your heart, so be careful, and trust there is someone for you out there, trust that you’ll be guided to that person and you’ll know exactly what to do/say to seal the deal in the loveliest manner!!!

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Love yourself and be confident. That’s the key!

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