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Top 5 Summer Spring 2020 Accessory Trends

Another year passed, we praise the fashion of last year and welcome the new season which brings new trends and fashion for fashion lovers, fashion followers, fashion influencers, etc so that we can spread the fashion all over the world with enthusiasm and contributing the chain of the fashion cycle. Now let’s talk about some key pieces which last forever and always remain stylish in the world of fashion. Some pieces will be essential additions to your wardrobe. From slouchy handbags to padded headbands, here are the latest accessory trends in 2020.

Bucket Bag

A stylish one! These bucket bags have never really gone out of style. What’s better than having a handbag that holds all of your goods! Choosing classic bags and classic colors, why not step out of the box and opt for something blue, pink, or marigold? With new pantones that are trendy for this season, you can pick one of these.

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Square Toe Strappy Sandals

Trends change every season, but a sleek pair of sandals will always remain in fashion. This effusive strappy high heels with a touch of newness and hitting the trend elongates the legs and creates a unique silhouette for any outfit you’re wearing. Choose from bright shades to add life to your ensemble, or keep it classic with traditional colors like white, black, or brown and you are good to flaunt this season.

Statement Large Chain Necklaces

An outfit would not be complete without a stunning piece of jewelry. The trend of wearing jewelry will never go out of fashion, but it upgrades every season to give a new trend to the fashion world. The history repeats this season also, wearing a piece of the chain but slightly evolved. From oversized and chunky designs to a delicate yet statement piece, these accessories are an easy way to tie an outfit together. 

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Wide Waist Belts

Applause to the belts, making space this season also. As the belts are today every wardrobe’s essential, you can create your own dresses. Tie every ensemble together with these trendy belts. Sitting in the middle of the waist, it will create an instant hourglass shape and complete your attire. Belts have special versatility which completes every ensemble. To create a monochrome look, opt for a single shade across your entire outfit. 

Padded Headbands 

Every girl go through bad hair day, to convert it into good hair day, one can use the headbands to make it extra stylish. This accessory looks fantastic in the center of the head or pushed back to keep the locks out of your face. Keep it simple by incorporating an everyday accessory with an intricate ensemble, or take it one step further by wearing it covered in embellishment.

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