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Fashion is considered to be a very big and complex term but it’s simple. Fashion is a self-expressing tool through which people express their personality, and their individuality. It is often said that the first thing others see is shoes, and if your shoes are on point, you leave a lasting impression.

 But still many seem to view the fashion industry as a superfluous and shallow industry. People are opposing this need for style, claiming that society and the clothing brands are putting unnecessary pressure on people to “dress well.”

Yes, fashion is not a necessity, then why do we need fashion to survive, to live, or to progress into a new era. The fashion industry is simply not needed. So why does it exist and why are so many people obsessively attentive to style or latest trends of fashion?

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While it is not necessary for survival, many believe that fashion is a form of art. Like any art one’s personal style exists to make a statement, to express ourselves, or to simply be beautiful. Art can only be seen and admired whereas fashion establishes beauty, self-love, and comfort. It’s a medium through which people feel confident and earn appreciation for themselves.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak “

– Rachel zoe

 As every story, has two sides, likewise fashion also has two aspects, a positive side and a negative.


  1.  A confidence boost and positive response to things around.
  2. Not only on a personal level but on an economical level it has a huge impact on the business world.
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  1.  Ridiculing each other’s appearance on the pretext that the person is not wearing “expensive clothes” can be a form of bullying, not everyone can afford to buy “in trend clothes“ because of their costing.
  2. The majority of the time people tend to feel insecure about themselves when they see models with “perfect body type” on a magazine and craves to be like them, thereby starving themselves to achieve their goal.

Remember as fashion is all about self-expression and not sticking to a particular style. We shouldn’t be too judgmental and quick to criticize others on the art we wear on our backs. We all wear clothes and it should be our personal choice of what we should be wearing, “clothing is a necessity but styling is subjective”

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And yes, fashion is completely dependent on the surrounding i.e. the geographical location, diversity of cultures, eras, and generations. Yes, fashion may not be necessary but “it is long-lasting and it is art, it’s diverse.”

In conclusion I’ll say : “Dress up for yourself and not for others and slay it with confidence”

“Don’t try to squeeze into a glass slipper, instead shatter the glass ceiling”

– Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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