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‘The fit-flat tummy’ day workout

It is a dream of almost every woman to have a slim-fit body and flat tummy with no extra fat hanging limply. We try on almost every sort of challenge to get our body in shape yet can’t shred that extra fat easily. Belly fat being the biggest disruption in the path and belly fat is not only unhealthy but stubborn too. This accumulation not only makes you less confident but also increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Let the quarantine during this pandemic be the plus point for you! Add on the belly workout in your workout regime and see the difference on your own!

Before beginning the workout, a small warm-up session is suggested for at least 10 minutes so as to maximize the fat burning process. Now, let’s hop onto the belly fat workout regime!


The main focus of the workout is on your lower abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings. To begin, lie down on your yoga mat with the thumbs placed under your hips and palms flat onto the mat. Lift your feet up from the floor and face towards the ceiling putting your core at work.

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Now, raise your legs perpendicular to the ground. Stay there for 5 deep breaths. Come back to rest but make sure your legs do not touch the ground completely. Stay there for next 15 seconds. Repeat the second set.


This exercise targets the lower and upper abs, along with glutes, hamstrings and quads. It offers a deep stretch to your abdomen initializing the fat burning mechanism. Put the hands behind you while sitting on the mat. Now, lift your legs above the shoulder with your back leaning towards your legs. Resume your legs in air for five deep breaths. Come back to center, staying there for 30 seconds. Repeat the second set of work-out. This time increasing make the repetitions double.


Lie straight on the mat with your palm under your hips. Begin lifting your head, upper back and legs from the floor. Begin by lowering your left leg followed by lifting the right left. Then simultaneously reaching back to the original position. Repeat at least 12 times. Then take a rest for 20 seconds and then ready to repeat the set. Scissor kick offers a deep stretch in lower and upper abs, glutes and quads, leading to the burning of belly fat.

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Begin by lying down on the mat keeping your knees flexed on the floor. Slightly lift up your shoulder with your thumb placed on the back of your ear. Now lift your head up the floor, pushing your right leg straight down twisting to your left. Touch your right elbow with left knee. Stay there for five deep breaths, returning back to center. Try for the next side now. Repeat two more times and then take a rest for next 30 seconds before beginning the next set of the crunch.


The workout targets your abs, glutes and making your tummy flat. Sit down on the mat with your knees flexed flat. Use your elbows to support your body. Now, lift your leg up, bringing your knees close to the nose. Stay there for three breaths. Come back to center. Repeat the workout at least one more time.


It offers a deep stretch to upper abs and oblique. Lie down on the mat with your knees flexed being wider than the width of your shoulder. Keeping your chin and shoulder relaxed, engaging your core and bending sideways. Touch your left knee using your left hand. Stay there for 2 breathe and then repeat the same on the other side. Continue for at least 10 sets. Take rest for the next 10 seconds and then move onto the next exercise.

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It targets your lower and upper abs, glutes and quads. Lie down on your mat placing your hands over your head. Make sure that  your neck and back are in same line. Lift your upper body and feet simultaneously. Stay in the position for 3 deep breaths. Try touching your knees with your hands. Hold yourself for the next 2 seconds. Come back to center. Repeat the same exercise after a break of 30 seconds.

Try these exercises along with control on your diet and cutting down sugar. Come back after a month and comment your results. It will be hard in the starting of workout but keep going, you’re your motivation. Remember to get rid of belly fat and imagine your fitness idol, it might help you. Go challenge yourself!

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